Paige Smith: Something Old, Something New | A Little Girl Plays

I am LOVING all of the fun summertime photos that are being submitted lately!  It's seems as though everyone out there is having an amazing summer!!  Yay! These pictures by Paige Smith just make me happy!  An adorable little girl running through the sprinkler, what could be better?  And Paige, I love that you told us that you shot these on your husbands old Rebel.  Can I just tell you, I started my business on an old 35mm Rebel that I'd borrowed from my boyfriend at the time (now husband), twelve years ago!  Those little Rebels are great cameras!

From Paige:

"These are a set of photos I took of my daughter one beautiful evening this summer. This was the outfit she had chosen for the day, and that couldn't have made me happier. It just complimented her chubby legs so well I couldn't let the day pass without some photos! I am very fortunate that my daughter enjoys being in front of the camera and is not shy about letting her personality show. She is definitely a photographer-mom's dream come true! Technical details: All images were shot on my husband's high school 35mm Canon Rebel camera with a 50mm 1.4 lens using one roll of Kodak B&W400CN. Developed and scanned by NCPS.

-Sandra Coan

About Paige: based in California / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

The brownish/sepia tone of these images is like that of an aging, 60 year old print. We could be looking at the portrait of a 65 year old woman when she was a little girl. But then, the way that Paige Smith shot the images is inherently modern: a series of spontaneous shots, fired away, one shot drawn back, with the little girl smack in the center, like a sculpture...these features give away that the photos were taken more recently, in a way inspired by digital photography, that allows rapid fire shooting without risk. Only here, Paige was limited by the number of frames in her one roll of black & white film.

I'm fascinated by the way in which digital photography has changed us as photographers, whether we shoot digital or film. Digital photography has brought many folks the ability to shoot and practice in ways that they might not have had access to in the past, through convenience and lower monetary risk per frame. With others, it's had a detrimental effect on their film-based businesses and driven them out of the photography world entirely. And then there's the film folks who have done nothing but evolve in the face of a changing photographic landscape, and digital photographers who have switched to film, applying their digitally-honed skills to slower, more romantic world of film work.

I'm inspired by these photographs because they show a happy little girl in beautiful light, using ever-dramatic black & white film and sepia tones. And in 6 months, this little girl will look different, and her parents will have these negatives to remind them what she used to look like. And when she's 65, she will hold the prints next to her grandchildren's faces and say "you look just like I did at your age!"

- Cat Thrasher