Amanda Tipton: Children at Play

Oh I love these!  The pictures of the kids in the masks are such great, classic images of kids at play.  I can very easily imagine my own children doing the same thing (insert growling noise).  It makes me smile.  Just lovely!

From Amanda:

"I would say my style is Capture the moments, I don't like to over think things. I love that children are always so inventive in their own right. All I need to do is be at the right place at the right time. My kiddos will give me so much more "photogenically" speaking when I set them free and let them be themselves. My challenge is to be ready for those tiny seconds of sweetness that I want to remember forever.  These images were taken in my backyard with my D700 edited with LR.

 -Sandra Coan

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Scroll down for Cat's take.

Cat's take:

These images are authentically unposed, and as such, they're genuine representations of children at play. I love the shots with the little girl in the mask, and the very powerful image for the little boy, shot from below, with his hand on the tree, as though he's the Prince who rules the forest. There's so much here that you cannot get in a regular photo session with your kids, and it's a testament to always having your camera there, for those more candid shots that you just can't get during a regular photo session.

- Cat Thrasher