Teran Elaine Photography: A Little Girl in White

These images by Teran Elaine remind me of the happy endings part of a fairy tale.  I'm sure it's the adorable little girl, dressed all in white, frolicking through the woods with a ginormous lollipop that does it.  She's like a happy little Gretel, running away from the witch's house with what is left of the candy. These images are fun, and playful and oh so cute.  Thanks for sharing Teran!

From Teran:

"I think that these pictures  capture the SWEET personality of little girls (in general). (and oh my goodness she is CUTE)  The last image of her running with a giant lollipop just sums up childhood for me.  I love to incorporate bold colors and textures!  Thanks so much for taking a peek!"

 -Sandra Coan

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Cat's take:

These images of this adorable little girl by Teran Elaine shows us how far you can get with awesome props, incredible lighting, and an incredible backdrop. And, of course, a little girl in white: the perfect symbol of pure childhood innocence! I love how sharp each image is, allowing us to see the detail in her eyes during close-ups or the intricacy of her curls when we see her from afar. I also like the color: Teran is relying on the color already in the images, such as the green of the forest, and the bright red of the lollipop, to add their own finesse. And that's the way it should be!

- Cat Thrasher