Amy Grace: Motherhood With a Camera, Part I

If you love Amy Grace of A Beautiful Life Photo as much as we do, then you're in for a treat!  I'm proud to say that Amy has joined the Little Bellows team as a guest contributor!  Amy will be contributing regularly with her wise words and beautiful images!  So great.  Welcome Amy.... we are beyond thrilled to have you on board.

~Sandra and Cat

From Amy:

motherhood opens up rooms and light within us that we could never have imagined before. we are tethered by love, soul, and spirit to our children. their lives, laced together with ours, become a beautiful memoir in which every line is a poem. even in the mess, the noise, the standards that get swallowed whole in the face of their energy, there is a a peace that keeps us grounded…as long as they are safe, we can breathe in the world. we can walk through anything. perfect takes on a new meaning; it becomes what is honest and true, who they are, who we really are.

and so we see with new eyes. we want a record of these little lives, and their huge impact on ours. we pick up cameras, we pick up phones, we schedule precious sessions with a photographer…we pay attention. as i watch my kids dance through life, it seems like i am watching the most beautiful film of their lives. when i push the shutter, i try to capture still frames. the images we make can capture the feeling of our memories. it is priceless and so important. time sweeps through with the strongest current, though a meaningful photograph cuts through time, and transports us back to that precious moment. that is a beautiful and powerful thing.
i truly think of my camera as a gift. if i put my heart into what is in front of it, i see what i felt. once in a while, i get to see what my children are feeling. those are the most special images. they aren’t flat, they live, they have a pulse. in their stillness, i see their souls. these two put out the most stunning kind of light i have ever felt. they have made me feel things that i want to hold forever. the softest glow of memory, the light of love. there is a light and you will find yourselves in it. when you look at them, the light comes from inside. and it shows in the pictures you capture. i see my love for my children reflected back in their eyes. love is a lens. i so deeply encourage you to use it, in all of its beauty and imperfection.