Nicole Seu: Nursing + Sun = Love

Sometimes a photo is so beautiful, it can just stand alone.  That is how I feel about this touching nursing picture by Hawaii photographer Nicole Seu.  Perfection!

-Sandra Coan

About Nicole: based in Hawaii / website/ contact /facebook

See Cat's comments below.

From Cat:

The sun does so much for us. It is the thing that feeds us, supplying energy to help plants grow. It dries the streets after a heavy rain, it heats the Earth to just the right temperature to make life possible. But it also causes a certain amount of chaos, burning our skin when we lay out too long or overheating us when we work to hard under its harsh rays.

In this mother & newborn portrait by Nicole Seu, we see our subjects exchanging an intimate moment as mom gives her own supply of life to her newest creation, her child. And the sun! It comes pouring in behind them. Symbolic of the creation of life, the sun streams in amidst the lush green foliage right outside the window, as if to tell these two that they are not alone. The sun is so powerful in this shot that it's also chaotic, bubbling flair into the camera lens, and distorting our view of the entire scene, to the point where our subjects are mere silhouettes. This photograph embodies that perfect balance that we get here on Earth, between the sun giving and taking, that results in the perfect conditions for flourishing life! It is the definition of magical!

Gorgeous, Nicole! Thank you for sharing!

- Cat Thrasher