Rebecca Leimbach: An Evening Swim

When I first looked at these lovely images by Florida photographer Rebecca Leimback,  I was stuck by the cuteness of this little girl and her obvious joy of swimming.  But the more I look at them, the more these images take on a fairytale feel.  I love the way the child's white dress swirls in the water, and glows in the lights from the pool.  It makes her look like an adorable little mermaid, and what little girl wouldn't love that! Thank you so much Rebbecca for sharing these  photos with us today!  So beautiful!

"These images are of my daughter, her favorite thing to do right now is swim. The other night while I was cleaning our pool, she decided it was time for a swim. She stepped right in wearing her "princess dress". I of course had to grab my camera and capture it."

-Sandra Coan

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