Blog Swap With Let The Kids Dress Themselves!! Featuring Jonathan Canlas

Thank you to Little Bellows for doing a blog swap with me today!  Let the Kids is honored to be guest blogging today and we are leading with our best. Jonathan Canlas is one of my very very favorite photographers.  He is most well known for his wedding work, but I just adore his children and family photography.
Jonathan Canlas has a knack for finding just that right moment to press the shutter, that smile, that laugh. His photographs are brimming with joy and the real life happiness found in childhood.  This feature is some images of his own children.  He catches them at just the right moments and we end up with a glimpse into their personalities and their lives.
Thanks for hanging out on Little Bellows with us today.. and if you want to see what Sandra and  Cat are doing on Let the Kids, just head on over and check them out today.