Celeste Jones: Children's Portrait Series

I'm in love with these rich and moody black and white images by Delaware photographer Celeste Jones.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason they remind me of summertime in Seattle.  Perhaps it's the urban feel and the soft light, but what ever the reason, these pictures make me feel warm and nostalgic.  Really lovely! From Celeste:

"I'm a lifestyle photographer located in Wilmington, Delaware who shoots both film and digital format. I love capturing people giving direct eye contact, because I love for the viewer to connect with my subject. I also love capturing children being themselves. My love for photography started from wanting to take better pictures of my daughter. I wanted her to have images that she could look back on that captured who she was at every stage of her life. And, if I'm not shooting her I will get in front of the camera. I find that self-portraits have helped me come out of my shell and become more comfortable in my own skin, but also become a better photographer."

-Sandra Coan

About Celeste: based in Wilmington, Delaware / website/ contact /facebook

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Cat's take:

I'm in love with the last photo in this series: the light, the pose, her ruffled jacket, it all adds to the picture. And those eyes! The direct gaze from this little girl, through her big brown eyes, slightly raised eyebrows, and pensive expression, is strong and powerful. How un-childlike! It leaves the viewer asking, what is she thinking? What is her life like? Where is her head, while her picture is being taken?

- Cat Thrasher