Kate T. Parker: Little Girls Play in Second Hand Stores

One of my favorite things in all the world is when someone comes up with a wacky idea and then executes it with perfection!  That is just what Georgia photographer Kate Parker has done with her series "Treasures Found".  The project is simple enough; Kate is photographing her daughters with items found at garage sales and antique stores.  But the way in which she does it is just brilliant! These images are so evocative.  Such a great idea Kate!  And so well done.  I only wish I had thought of it first!

-Sandra Coan

About Kate: based in Roswell, Georgia  / website / contact /facebook

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From Cat:

This series hits home for me, because I'm a rabid second-hand store shopper and scavenger of antiques in the South. I agree with what Sandra mentioned above, that the way in which these shots were executed is incredibly inspired. There's a dark and moody theme running throughout, the children are all showing neutral expressions or frowning just a tad. However, they're still playing, as children do, in the phone booth, with the viking hat, in the dresses: they're still being kids. But the dark mood and color reminds me of the a Faulkner novel, emphasizing a light Southern Gothic theme. The child in the field with the horned mask on could be the cover of The Sound and the Fury.

Awesome series! Thanks for sharing, Kate!

- Cat Thrasher