Katherine Cho Photography: An Urban Detroit Family Session with Awesome Color

When Michigan photographer Katherine Cho submitted these photos to us, she opened with the line "When asked about locations for family photography sessions- who ever thinks downtown Detroit".  I remember reading that and saying to myself "oh, these are going to be good!"  And how right I was.  I LOVE her choice in location.  The Urban back ground is cool, funky and beautiful. But this adorable family and their obvious connection is what really sells these photos.  Too cute!

"Detroit gets a bad rap. When asked about locations for family photography sessions - who ever thinks "Downtown Detroit"? I'm here to tell you that it is a great place to photograph families (while steering clear of the cliched "people in ruined building" look we sport so often) - The D sports some of the most beautiful locations in the Midwest, ranging from classical to urban edgy. This session was taken at Campus Martius park in the heart of downtown Detroit and the Dequindre Cut Greenway (a wonderful example of the renewal of the Motor City). My subjects are a beautiful happy family and that shines through."

-Sandra Coan

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From Cat:

Katherine Cho chose a super-unique backdrop by having her clients pose in front of these walls of graffiti and other urban details. So often, we choose backdrops that are soft and fluffy for our family portraiture in an effort to avoid offending anyone. Katherine shows how wrong we are to do that! I love her choice of venue because it is diverse, with many different angles and surfaces to use, and it's also got an awesome color scheme, between the colorful graffiti and the grey concrete. Her clients are obviously into it themselves, because they're having a blast in every shot! This shows that, regardless of the backdrop, a family's attitude while approaching the shoot can make or break the whole experience. And this family was a home run!

- Cat Thrasher