Sharon Johnson: A Little Girl Plays with Mom

I just love this adorable series by Utah photographer Sharon Johnson.  So sweet.  I'm particularly enamored by the first image.  Is there anything cuter than a snuggly toddler?  I don't think so! From Sharon:

"She is my most favorite person in the world. When I am stressed, and lost in all of the unimportants, I drop everything and play with and photograph my baby girl. Doing so anchors me and reminds me of who I really am and what is most important to me."

-Sandra Coan

About Sharon: based in Layton, Utah / website / contact /facebook

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From Cat:

Like Sandy mentioned above, I am enamored with the first shot in this series! It's a little chaotic, with the sheets everywhere, as though the little girl had been rough-housing just a moment earlier. But then she looks at the camera with this coy, pouty expression that only a little toddler can do properly (older kids try to do it from time to time to get what they want, but they fail miserably).

On top of that, the light shining on this child is diffuse and plentiful. It looks much more planned than it probably was in reality.

What a gorgeous little child!

- Cat Thrasher