Jessica Deane Photography: Easter Eggs, Flower Petals, and a Little Girl's Portrait

Another beautiful series of images, this time by Virginia photographer Jessica Deane.  These lovely images were taken of her own daughter on Easter morning.  So adorable! From Jessica:

"She loved the cherry tree at her GG's house.  The older kids shook the limbs so it would fall around like pink snow.  Little pink petals got stuck in her red curls.  She kept picking flower bushes to give to her daddy.  She loved her eggs that we dyed the night before.  When we got to grandma's house... we hid them for a long time.  Grandma gave her a little basket to carry the eggs in.  The light was amazing.  The way it hit her hair......  thankfully I bought my camera this day.  Once in awhile a breeze would play with her curls."

-Sandra Coan

About Jessica: based in Madison, VA / website / contact /facebook

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From Cat:

These photos are so interesting and unique…they're like abstract portraits  of little girl parts. First, her curls, then her eyelashes, then her fly-aways, then her arm as she grips the Easter basket, the top of her head as she smells the flowers on the tree, and then her feet as she walks away, through the flower petals. Close-up details like this are significant and emotional, because they're the way we usually see our own children: up close and intimately. We hold them and touch their skin, we wash their hair full of curls, we dress them in pretty blue flower dresses, and then we wait for them to be curious and explore the world. That's what this series reminds me of, as a mother.

As a photographer, I like how Jessica Deane applied a type of detail-oriented photography to this portrait series of her child. Photographs of the flowers, the tree branches, and landscape are often ignored during child portraits sessions because we are so invested in getting perfect shots of the child's face. Jessica ignored that here, and just let her daughter run wild, snapping photos of her and her surroundings in a natural, exploratory state. Beautiful work!

- Cat Thrasher