Emma Wood Photography: Deep, Mysterious and Black & White Children's Portraiture

I'm completely obsessed with Emma Wood's work.  She's like a poet and each photo tells it's own story.  I find myself wanting to just sit and stare at her images over and over again.  That is why I decided to run a collection of her work, rather than several images from a single shoot.  And for those of you as obsessed with Emma's work as I am, I'm attaching a link to the Clinkin' Moms store (HERE), where Emma is selling a collection of PDFs and Actions that explain just how she gets such awe inspiring black-and-white photos!  Check it out!  I received  my own copy last Friday and spent the entire weekend pouring over it!  It's great! From Emma:

"I'm a very run of the mill Mother of 7 kids, wife of a Pilot, who found that the whole world shone brighter when I began to look at it from behind a lens.  Recently, moving from Australia back to the UK, it has enabled me to really explore my passion for shooting in low light and I'm loving the change of scenery and the gorgeous old buildings.    If I had to describe my style I would say that its film-inspired.  I have always had a fascination for old black and white movies, and I must have watched every one as a child, I still love them now and I think my photography style may reflect that.  I try to create pieces that are classic and timeless and my processing style has been described as moody and earthy.  Most of my work is black and white which is where my heart lies, and I'm not afraid of embracing the grain or shooting out of focus images, I'm quite happy to break the rules if I think it adds to the overall feel of a picture.  I like to be as organic as I can because I feel if I spend too much time trying to be technical or chasing perfection,  I miss the heart of the moment.   I love being a Mentor at ClickinMoms,  i've met so many wonderful friends through it - and I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings."

-Sandra Coan

About Emma: based in Australia / website / contact / facebook

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Cat's take:

This collection from Emma Wood is incredible. It reminds me of the work of Andrea Modica and Sally Mann, two fine art photographers who shoot in large format black & white film. All three use variations of light to create a soft glow on their subject's skin. This glow is flattering and romantic. It can also be dark and mysterious, like the last shot in Emma's series above, with the two children standing in the woods, or the earlier shot of the little boy on a muddy road.

Modica & Mann both use an 8x10 camera to get that resolution and glow. These cameras have negatives that are literally 8 inches by 10 inches large, which is the old-school, analog equivalent of today's Canon 5D Mark II ultra-high resolution digital camera. Emma might be using the Canon, but her black & white process is successfully reminiscent of the film feel, just as she stated above.

I love Emma's work because of how different it is from common children's photography of today. She has an incredibly unique approach, which is also deep and mature. It takes confidence to have such a vision in today's color-and-digital-centric, bright and bushy-tailed world of commercial family photography.

I also love this work because each photograph leaves the viewer asking: what is happening? Where are they? What are they doing? What are they thinking? What is inspiring this child? Yet, at the same time, each subject is lit and presented in a beautiful and flattering way. Gorgeous children, turned into little enigmas, inspiring us to ask questions, and to keep looking.

Beautiful, beautiful work. Thank you for sharing, Emma!

- Cat Thrasher