Sweet Poppy Studios: Black & White Session in Los Altos

I find these family photos by Carleigh Fager of Sweet Poppy Studios to be so charming.  It's seems as though they were just stumbled upon while playing in the park.  Nothing too fancy.  Nothing too set up.  Just an adorable family, enjoying each others company. From Carleigh:

"I met up with Lara, Ryan, Olivia and Jack at Shoup Park in Los Altos, California. I was really excited for this session because I love love love photographing children at the three year old age range. Olivia did not disappoint! She was a little shy at first and timid of me, but it only took a few minutes before her desire to run around at the park took over. What looks like chaos to the parents is actually perfect for my style as she ran back and forth laughing. I love that age because they can be undeniably themselves - a quality that I have noticed is quickly lost as they grow older.

Jack joined the fun when he woke up from his nap and you can really feel the love that Olivia has for him. She was very caring toward him in a way that you do not see in most three year olds - a sign of the wonderful parenting accredited to Lara and Ryan. Jack watched Olivia run back and forth giggling. You can tell he cannot wait for the day when he will join her, which is not all that far off.

In addition to the sibling love what I loved the most about this shoot is the simplicity. There are no props. No fancy location. No fancy outfits. This is a just a loving family, capturing an afternoon out of their busy lives and I love that when they look back on these, 20 years from now, they will look exactly as they were."

-Sandra Coan

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Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat: 

There is something to be said for having a laid-back family portrait experience, and this series is just that: no pretense, no affectation, just a family frolicking in the park. This is a family, as they are, in real life.

I love how older siblings take such pride in caring their little brothers or sisters You can see this here, in the shots of this little girl holding her little brother for their group shots. She's so little, too! But she's trying so hard to hold him upright. Those are definitely shots they will look back at fondly. :)

- Cat Thrasher