Heather Avrech: Light and Energy-filled Family Session

When San Jose photographer Heather Avrech submitted these images, she mentioned that this shoot was "a photographer's dream".  And can't you see why! The light is so beautiful, and this family is just adorable! A photographer's dream indeed! From Heather:

"I loved absolutely everything about this session.  When I first arrived to the park and saw Rosemary and her family, I was already in a photographer's heaven; The H family is gorgeous and they wore adorable outfits and were coordinated so well! The park was beautiful and not too crowded and the evening light was just beautiful.  Rosemary was a little worried at first about how we manage to get a could family shot because she said her boys are very high energy but I reassured her we would make it happen!  The boys were definitely full of energy but they did fantastic and we got some really adorable family shots...both posed and candid!  I really had such a great time with this family and am loving the images we got from this session!"

-Sandra Coan

About Heather: based in San Jose, CA / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

Nothing impacts a photo shoot more than the light surrounding the subjects. In fact, light is all that we have! Light is what reaches the surface of our film or our digital photography sensors to produce the image. At minimum, we need enough of it to make a picture. But then there's the extra special light, that does exactly what we want it to do. It might be a cloudy sky, to give us a giant light box to work with. It might be an abundance of shade, to give us even, steady illumination. Or, it might be sun flare!

Here, the sun is on its way down, and Heather has her subjects back lit for a few shots, really maximizing the sun flare, letting it pour through the trees behind this family. So beautiful!

- Cat Thrasher