Wendy Laurel: Family Vacation

I'm in love with these sunny photos by Maui photographer, Wendy Laurel.   Wendy's work is always so whimsical and full of color.  Looking at these beautiful photos makes me want to go on vacation with my family!  Beautiful as always, Wendy! From Wendy:

"This submission is special because its my kids on our december trip to the Big Island (Hawaii). We went to Kona right before Xmas to see my oldest boy swim in the State Championship Meet.  It was shot on Kodak Ektar film with my Contax 645 and it was great to just have the camera with me and capture the kids in those unscripted moments showing who they are and our trip. Its one of my favorite sets of images."

-Sandra Coan

About Wendy: based in Maui / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

Wow, look at the color and clarity of these beach photos! Wendy Laurel used her Contax 645, which comes with a crisp, clear Carl Zeiss lens, to shoot these beautiful shots. The Contax is a medium-format film camera, and Kodak Ektar film is known for its great color saturation. This combination of camera and film helped bring out the gorgeous color of these beach scenes.

One can tell by her choice of framing, how inspired Wendy was on her trip to the Big Island with her family, because not only did she shoot some fantastic portraits of her kids having a  blast, but she also shot a lot of details, which I believe to be a sign of being truly enamored with your environment. Further, even though she is a professional, no one was paying her to shoot pictures of her own experience, so the payment must have come from her inner soul.  And it is so fun to see what a professional photographer shoots in her off-time, because we get a little window into that soulful inspiration!

Thank you for sharing, Wendy Laurel!

- Cat Thrasher