Jill Carmel: An Adorable Little Boy and His Family

Well hello Mr. Blue Eyes!!  Oh my!  Can this little man be any cuter? And a musician to boot!  Look out world! This is our second post by Sacramento family photographer Jill Carmel, and once again, her use of color just blows me away!

From Jill:

"At one year old and with a name like "Wilder", I just fell in love with this little man. He has TONS of personality and already has a passion for music. We pulled out his mini-piano so he could show off his skills. Who knows -- Mom and Dad may have a future musician on their hands and it would be so much fun to pull these pictures out, years from now, and be able to say, "He was playing the piano at ONE!" Mom had set up a very sweet little banner for his birthday just days before, and it made for a perfect colorful element for their portraits. Oh, and the way Wilder's hand is on Dad's cheek...*sigh*

-Sandra Coan

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