Hayley Brafford: Backyard Family Session

I love the relaxed feel and playful easiness of these family photos by Charlotte photographer Hayley Brafford.  It seems as though she was just a fly on the wall, observing this family as they naturally are!  Adorable! From Hayley:

"I am submitting a family session done in their backyard in Charlotte, NC. These are the Randalls and they are a husband + wife wedding photography team called Smitten & Hooked (www.smittenandhooked.com). I met them after work one evening and we just played in the backyard with makeup & nail-painting for about an hour. I loved how it was really relaxed and fun!"

-Sandra Coan

About Hayley: based in Charlotte, NC / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to read Cat’s take.

From Cat:

I love the outfits chosen for this family session by Hayley Brafford! They're mismatched , printed, patterned, and exciting! The children are wearing face paint and obviously having a blast. Such a happy family, and happy pictures!

It's fun to see a body-shot like the second-to-last photo in the series: this kind of shot is a fun one to shoot at weddings, of the bridal party all dressed up. But I've never seen anyone use it on a family - how innovative! I like that it forces us to look at their legs, all so different from each other, dad vs. mom vs. children, and we get to see mom's foot tattoo - cool!

- Cat Thrasher