Jill Serrano: Little Gardener

I love the vintage feel of these beautiful photos by Boston photographer, Jill Serrano.  They just ooze summertime sweetness, and remind me of times I've spent with my own children, playing in the garden. From Jill:

"After a very long week at work and constantly thinking about how much I'd rather be somewhere outside with my camera, I was so happy to have the day off to start the long weekend. I took advantage of the time to plant some flowers around the house and thanks to my little helper, I was able to break out the camera and get some fun shots. I really do love shooting for myself. No pressure, I let my creativity come through, in my shooting and my post-processing. I started processing these in color but once I converted one image to black and white, I couldn't stop. I love the raw feel of these images, very little editing went into these and I love them....and her."

-Sandra Coan

About Jill: based in Boston, MA / website / contact / facebook

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From Cat: 

There's something to be said for just letting a child run wild while you take their portrait. Not only do you get uninhibited actions and facial expressions, you also get a little hint of what they were really like, and what their interests and tendencies were, during this short window of their life. This little girl is fascinated with the hose, an is obviously friendly with dirt and gardening - what if, in a few months, she completely changed her mind and began to distain dirt and getting wet? Or what if she continues to help her mom in the garden to the point of obsession?

Wherever direction this little girl's interests turn toward, these unposed, candid shots will remind them of how she really was, in her authentic state, at this moment in time. I just love the shot of her trying to get the hose to shoot, and concentrating so hard that her tongue is mashed between her lips and her brow is slightly furrowed. She is in her element!

 - Cat Thrasher