Amy Grace: Baby on the Bed

Oh Amy Grace... how I love you!  Your pictures always make me feel so good!   The image of the little boy sleeping just melts my heart.   It reminds me of when my own little boys were that age and we'd all lay down together in the afternoon for naps.  Looking at that picture, I can almost feel the warmth of their little bodies in my big bed.  Makes me a little misty.  And isn't that what a good picture should do?  Take us back to a place and time, and allow us to experience those feelings once more.  So lovely!

-Sandra Coan

About Amy: based in San Diego, CA / website / contact / facebook

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Cat's take:

These photographs by Amy Grace are almost touchable - you can really feel the softness of this little toddler's skin, lying asleep, and then awake & playing. His little chubby hands covering his face, and his sweet, sweet smile.

Amy makes incredible use of light and color in all of her work. She uses a lot of soft light, which is very flattering and gentle on a child's face. This kind of light allows us to see a baby's young skin in the detail that we would like to see it, with all of the shallow angles and roundness of skin not yet aged by sun and life. That soft light is part of the reason that her photographs are so touchable: they're a photographic representation of the sweetness and softness that we think of when we think of young children. Beautiful!

- Cat Thrasher