Guest Blog: The Way I View Motherhood, by Emma Wood

I'm so excited to share this beautiful blog post by the amazingly talented Emma Wood.  She originally wrote this as a part of a project with Clickin' Moms Pro.  Emma's images are beautiful, but so are her words.   The post touched me, and so I asked if she would like to share it with Little Bellows.  Lucky for all of us, she did! Enjoy!

-Sandra Coan

About Emma: based in Australia / website / contact / facebook

From Emma:

People often ask me, “did you always know that you’d have seven children?”  Um..No!!  And if anyone had told me that this was to be my future, I would have laughed at them, loudly!   But, It’s been a wonderful, amazing, eye-opening revelation for me, as each child has come along and been placed in my arms.  Every single one of them different, every one just so special in their own unique way.


I think it’s all the little details though that mean the most.  The small, daily, ordinary things that happen, those are the things that are the most meaningful to me, as a Mother.  I treasure them and I know that each day will bring more.  I know that my children will look to me to provide them with what  they need, physically and emotionally and I will be there to do what I love to do best.

When I look back on my childhood, it’s always the small things that come to mind, like my Mother making whole scenes out of meringue for us, like little Fairy-lands, all laid out after tea.  Or the way she’d tie the strings on our rain hats, just so, making sure that they wouldn’t’ fly off in the wind.  Or even the way that she held our hands as we crossed the road, teaching us to look both ways and listen for the traffic.  I remember her face watching me proudly as I performed in a Ballet, I remember the smell of her favourite perfume and I remember her never leaving the house without her lipstick on.   Little details and so many of them, all painting a picture, a big beautiful picture of Motherhood.




As my Children find themselves this weekend celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee and embracing all things British, I hope that they remember more then just the date and the occasion.  I hope that they remember how their Mama makes them Sandwiches (their favourite kind), whenever they want them.  I hope that they remember picking purple flowers in the garden and laughing when I ticked their faces with them.  I hope they never forget the me painstakingly brushing out the tangles in their curls, taking extra care not to pull, or giggling at me making my silly dragon face.


I hope that they remember my kisses on their cheeks last thing at night, first thing in the morning and that the thing that matters most to me above everything else, is them.