Leslie Densford: A Toddler and Her Adorable Cheeks

The moment I saw the first image in this series I was sold!  That has got to be the best baby cheeks picture I have ever seen.  Nice work Leslie! From Leslie:

"This (Leslie Densford Photography) all started out when my own little ones were truly little and I wanted to show the beauty of them in their everyday-this-is-me kind of way.   This particular session is a great example of that - the family is interacting in ways that they genuinely enjoy doing.  The smiles aren't just for the camera - they are because of the jokes, the games, the snuggles, the LOVE that was all going around during this shoot.  And it all makes me smile b/c I think it is kind of special.  In an everyday-kind-of-way. ;)"

-Sandra Coan

About Leslie: based in Wilmington, NC / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

The light and color in this series by Leslie Densford is beautiful. This baby has gorgeous eyes, and the setting was ideal!

My favorite photo is the very first in the series. It is an abstract photo, with a strong message about life and growing up: we're mainly given a baby cheek and an implied, thoughtful gaze, off in to the distance, into the horizon line. It suggests that the baby is looking into her future, and her big, beautiful cheeks emphasize how incredibly young she is, and how new she is to the world. As a result, we're left to ponder the vast expanse of information she has yet to take in, about life, waiting in front of her, in the big sky and river line. It is a blank slate, waiting for her to fill it up.

It is so hard to compose images like this with very young children who are constantly moving and darting about. And to do it with such symbolism is an extra feat! Thank you for sharing, Leslie!

- Cat Thrasher