Andria Lindquist, Part 2: Intimate Maternity

"Gorgeous" is all I can say about these maternity photos by Seattle photographer Andria Lindquist.  They are everything a good maternity session should be: graceful, elegant, sexy and thoughtful. Superb lighting!  Superb posing!   Ah!!!  I can hardly stand it!  In fact, we loved this session so much, we decided to run it in two parts!  So, if like Cat and I, you just can't get enough of these amazing photos, be sure to check out Part 1!  And Andria... I kind of want to see this baby!  With a mamma like that... I can only imagine how beutiful it's going to be!

-Sandra Coan

About Andria: based in Seattle, WA / website / contact / facebook

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Upon looking at this maternity session by Andria Lindquist, we decided it needed to be presented in two parts. In part one, Andria's subject wears a beautiful draped shirt with a magnificent pattern on it. She sits on a bed, and Andria brings in the urban city skyline as she uses the billowing window light to capture her subject's face and belly.

Part two presents an alternative view of the same woman, no less essential to our understanding of her, and no less gorgeous. Here, Andria really focuses on her subject's body. She guides the viewer to look right where the light is bouncing off of her curvy torso. In this series, the city plays a lesser, supporting role--it's scarcely a blur in the background. Without the distraction, we are left to focus on the pregnant woman in front of us, framed by the back-light and sitting like someone posing for a sculpture or a painting.

This maternity session is unusual: the subject is occasionally nude, and is at times wearing lingerie. While some might say this reminds them of a boudoir session, it reminds me of my own real-life pregnancy - especially the moments during the second trimester when I felt unusually vibrant and alive. The greatest part of being pregnant is the role you play in creating someone, a living being, a person who will suddenly be part of your family. You're creating life! And during the second trimester, after the first trimester nausea goes away and before your belly grows uncomfortably large, you get to have moments where you feel all of the potential energy of your pregnancy in a magical sort of way. You feel like a garden in late spring that gets just enough rain and just enough sun, so that all of the little plants do their natural duty and shoot up out of the ground, right on cue. It's a wonderful feeling!

And it's a feeling that is very hard to capture in a photograph. But I think Andria has done it in this series: her subject looks graceful, sexy, fertile, and heavenly all at the same time. She's both Earthy and of the gods!

- Cat Thrasher