Jennifer Lavelle: A Family Vacation in Palm Springs

Love the bright colors and easy- breezy feel of these photos!  What a fun summer vacation get-a-way! From Jennifer:

"I am normally capturing my client's day to day lives in photos, but on a recent trip out to Palm Springs I decided to capture my own children enjoying their holiday fun.  This particular hotel was very magical with surprises around every corner."

-Sandra Coan

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Scroll down for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

Wow, I want to take a vacation in Palm Springs - look at those landscapes!

It is so important to take pictures like this--children on vacation! I think sometimes that we get overstimulated with all the imagery and picture-taking that happens in our lives now, to the point where we risk neglecting the content of the pictures we make. Here are a few photos of growing children experiencing someplace new. How lovely, and how true to life! Jennifer Lavelle reminds us that we need pictures like these--pictures we'll pull out in 20 years and say, "see! you were there! you were in Palm Springs!"

- Cat Thrasher