The Red Balloon Photography: A Portrait of a Little Girl Among Cherry Blossoms & Holly

I love these photos by fellow Seattle photographer Valeria Spring of The Red Balloon Photography.  For some reason, they remind me of a fairy tale.  Not sure why. They are so soft and lovely, but a little spooky too.  Love!

From Val:

"Spring in Seattle doesn’t always mean beautiful sunny days with perfect temperatures. It actually means more of youbetterlayerupcauseyoudon’tknowwhatchyagettin’. One thing that does scream spring and always makes me smile are the gorgeous cherry blossoms that cover this beautiful city.

I asked Lola if she would be up to go out and let me take a few pictures of her in the theme of Spring, and she was all up for it. The light was gorgeous but right when we were walking out the door  the sun hid behind a huge cloud and didn’t come out until the next day but we didn’t get discouraged by that and went shooting despite of the luck of “the magic light”.

I shot all of these with my Lensbaby with the edge 80 optic."

-Sandra Coan

About Val: based in Seattle, WA / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

There are so many wonderful things to say about this series!

First, the color grabs me - the combination of the pink cherry blossoms with the little girl's red bow and stylish red dress make for such a romance of color. Cross that with the way that Valeria processes her images, and the effect looks pretty and old-timey.

Second, the camera lens that Valeria mentions using, the Lensbaby, lets the photographer tilt the lens, allowing her to create the dramatic blur effect in-camera. This adds an effect that looks soft and mysterious.

Lastly, this little girl is great with the neutral face! She smiles just a little each time, just enough for us to ask: what are you thinking? Neutral faces on children can be so fascinating, and here they are especially intriguing in the black and white photos.

All of these elements in combination lend the pictures the aura of a fairytale dreamland. They are very well-composed, and by a true artist!

- Cat Thrasher