Jean Smith Photography: Chub!

In Jean's original blog post, she entitled this shoot "Chub", and I can't think of a better name for it.  I want to reach into these photos and just snuggle that baby in all of her cute, squishy baby goodness.  Too adorable!!!  So well done Jean! From Jean:

"I love to photograph.  I really, really love to photograph.  It’s my art.  My passion.  I love PEOPLE.  I try really, really hard to produce those amazing pictures of landscapes and objects, but alas, I believe people are my niche and I will stick with that."

-Sandra Coan

About Jean: based in New Hudson, MI/ website / contact / facebook

Scroll down for Cat's take.

From Cat:

There's something about a super-chubby baby that indicates love and prosperity. These pictures reinforce that in two forms: showcasing this baby's awesome chubbiness, as well as the positive energy of her parents in the background. They've all got huge smiles on their faces, and each and every smile from mom, dad, and baby is genuine. You can tell this by the way their cheeks are raised and their orbicularis (outer eye) muscles are all squished up.

Each of these pictures is so authentically happy that you just know that this family is like this in their day-to-day lives. They're truly high on life!

Capturing these frames, providing theses images to this family, images that take such a happy period in their lives and freezes it in time, is truly a gift. Just look at the second photo in this series, with everyone smiling gleefully: it shows the three of them interacting, and the baby is looking right at the camera. They're all laughing, the light is pouring in, and it's as though the photographer just came upon them while they were in the middle of playtime and snapped this shot photojournalistic-style. It's authentic joy, and a priceless image of this time in their lives!

And every photo was beautifully captured by Jean Smith - thank you for sharing, Jean!

- Cat Thrasher