Jessica Washburn: A Classic, Intimate Newborn Session

I've been a fan of Jessica Washburn for a while now.  Her work with newborns is just perfection.  Simple and sweet. from Jessica:

" This is one of my favorite sessions.  It was the very last session I shot before having my own 5th baby, and he was so very good to me.  Mom and dad drove over 2 hours from Vermont for the session and mom really wanted to try for some outdoor images.  Throughout the session this little guy just kept flashing us smiles—I couldn’t get enough of him.  What a way to start my maternity leave. It was just a perfect session."

-Sandra Coan

About Jessica: based in New York / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

This newborn session from Jessica Washburn is super classic and full of emotion. I'm especially drawn to the full-family portrait: it's so natural and raw. They're a gorgeous family, athletic and bare in this first family portrait. The light looks to be natural light, coming from a side window, and the backdrop clean. What nails the picture are the expressions of this new mom and dad: both of them seem to be letting us in, just a bit. Just enough that we feel like we've come upon them at an intimate moment - and we have! You can tell that Jessica made them feel comfortable, and that is why we got to see those intimate expressions. Thank you, Jessica!

 - Cat Thrasher