Melissa Fullmer: Little Girls as Butterflies, Frollicking in the Forest

I smile every time I look at these pictures!  I have two little boys at home, and if you were to replace those fairy wings with super hero capes, these could easily be photos of them.   I remember getting lost in my imagination as a child, and I love watching as my own kids get lost in theirs.  Melissa captured that essence of kids in play beautifully.  Just lovely! From Melissa:

"You could call this somewhat "stylized" but for me it is just a normal day of dress up and make believe for my girls. I wanted to capture them as the friends and sisters they are, the playmates who will be there forever. I wanted to bring to life the world they imagine in their heads full of light, magic, happiness and fun."

-Sandra Coan

About Melissa: based in Texas / website / contact / facebook / pinterest

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

This series of Melissa Fullmers' own children is a testament to always having your camera with you! The two are playing in the forest, dressed up as butterflies...and cuteness abounds. Melissa's use of light here is fantastic: when the two are backlit, they take on this magical, ethereal feel. Little girls dressed in butterfly wings, illuminated by the sideways blast of a setting sun - it's quite amazing! In a few of the pictures, when she uses the barren winter trees to frame the girls, it almost looks gothic. In others, we see genuine emotional exchanges between the two sisters. Those are photos that her family will really cherish forever!

- Cat Thrasher