C.S Photography: A Wee Little Girl and her Award-Winning Portrait

I love these playful family photos by Virginia photographer Christene Schaaf.  The moments she captured are so perfect!  It reminds me that when you work with children, it's always important to remember who's in charge! (the kids of course) And when you let them lead the way, magic happens! Christene recently placed first in the NAPCP international image competition (family category) for the first photo in this series! Congratulations Chistene, such and amazing photo!   You can check out all of the NAPCP winners, here.  And if you look closely at the baby category, you'll see a picture of a cute little girl and her bunny by yours truly.  :)

From Christene:

"The little girl was the main focus of the shoot. We wanted to capture her in her bedroom but she was full of independence that day so we let her lead the shoot. Little brother wanted to join in and that's when I was able to capture the family portrait of mom with her two kids. "

-Sandra Coan

About Christene: based in Virginia Beach , VA / website / contact / facebook


Scroll down to read Cat’s take.

Cat's take:

This short series of a little girl and her family us just oozing authenticity! We know this, because as Sandra said above, the child is in control. It's great to let the kids takeover shoots once in a while (they're in charge most of the time anyway, right? whether or not we admit it).

A fantastic by-product of letting the kids takeover is pure authentic facial expressions and emotion - exactly what this little girl is giving us! Children almost always show us authenticity when they're allowed to roam free because they aren't burdened by inhibition and formality as are their adult counterparts.

To top it off, I love how we get a view of her interactions with her mom: those moments are the ones that really tell us about a family's dynamic, and they're also the hardest kind of thing to capture with your camera. That's probably why Christine got an award for the very first picture in the series - great shot!

- Cat Thrasher