Yan Palmer: A Girl Runs in a Field and Instagram Sees It

Okay... I'm just going to say it.  I cyber stalk Yan Palmer.  I've been doing for a while now and I'm not ashamed.  She is a master at her craft.  It's seems that everything she does is an over-the-top piece of art (and yes, that includes her hair).  She grew to rock star status for me after posting her now famous blog post Sick Of It.  So honest.  So brave. I chose to show one of her Instagram photos for two reasons.  A) It's Gorgeous! and B) Because it proves what I've been saying for years... it's more about who's behind the camera, than about the camera its self.  If you are on Instagram, be sure to look her up.  There is some magic happening there!

From Yan:

"taken with my iphone and edited in instagram... what can i say? sometimes it feels like the purest form of photography. such a vision shaper. are you on? find me under the user yanpalmer. xoxo"

-Sandra Coan

About Yan: based in Denver, CO / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

This is an Instagram picture of a child running across a field with a towel trailing behind her in the wind. The field looks barren and midwestern, and the sky looks like there could be rain or thunder on the horizon. The day is not particularly beautiful, but the child is, with all of her energy and passion. As she is running freely across the expanse, her action symbolizes a daring approach to the possibilities in front of her.

The towel trailing behind her makes the picture complete: it is whipping around behind the child, wildly flipping through the air. It shows us how fast she is running, and gives us perspective on her energy level and strength. It says "ATTACK THE WORLD!"

Such a great shot. Very inspiring!

- Cat Thrasher