Andria Lindquist, Part 1: Maternity + Urban Loft

Believe it or not, I found this artist on Pinterest!  And oh, what a find!!  These maternity photos blow my mind!  Soft, feminine and sexy!  This is part one of a two-part post on this session. Just beautiful! From Andria:

"i don't know how it’s physically possible to be this gorgeous any day, let alone when you’re weeks away from having a baby. but jennie is. i love being in her presence. she is sweet, generous, a listener and an dang entrepreneur. i can only imagine the girl she about to bring into the world.

i love the opportunity to make a girl feel incredible. to have some darn good images of herself. this girl, makes that pretty easy."

-Sandra Coan

About Andria Lindquist: based in Seattle, WA / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

I love the muted color of Andria Lindquist's work, and this session is no exception. This series is made beautiful by each and every element in the photos: the city background, the intimate bedroom foreground, and the gorgeous woman with child that is the center of the session- not to mention that amazing light. This first half of the session shows us, again, how subtly sexy a pregnant woman can be when you see her collarbone and shoulder. The shirt she's wearing is used perfectly in this series to drape her belly gracefully but then the neckline shows just enough for us to know more about her. Our eyes attend closely to her face and her emerging belly in these photographs, and the light streaming in through the huge loft window helps confirm that this woman is in a state of growth.

The set-up here is also a testament to Andria's eye: she clearly thought hard about where to place her subject, and may have advised her on exactly what to wear and how to sit. The photos are all taken in the same 4-foot by 4-foot area, and yet they're all so incredibly different from each other: they use the light differently, they feature different parts of her subject's body. Andria seemed to approached her client as a piece of art, and proceeded to document her that way. (And I love it!)

- Cat Thrasher