Jillian Kirby: An Airy & Graceful Studio Maternity Series

I love a good maternity session!  And these photos by Jillian Kirby are about as good as they get!  So gorgeous!! Jillian has been photographing children and families for over four years and has quickly become BC’s most sought-after photographer.  Looking at these lovely photos, it's easy to see why!

"This session with Melissa was especially meaningful to me as she is not only a wonderful client, but a dear friend.  Her beauty and "up-for-anything" attitude helped this session go off without a hitch!"

-Sandra Coan

About Jillian: based in Vancouver, BC / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.


From Cat:

Look at this gorgeous pregnant woman! If we all felt as good during pregnancy as this woman looks in these portraits, we would all want to be pregnant, all the time! This is very a light, airy series, displaying an idyllic view of pregnancy - especially the last photo. While the sailing-fabric shot is a classic shot, this take on it is truly ethereal, graceful, and well done: the woman's pose, her arm stretched out, her beautiful belly outlined by the drape, it's all so ideal. Great work, Jillian!

- Cat Thrasher