Jill Carmel: One Happy Family

Fun, fun, fun!!  I've never met this adorable family, but I kind of want to hang out with them! I smile every time I look at these.  And I absolutely love Jill's use of color!  Just great, all around! "I think I had more fun with this family in an hour and half than I do on my own in a week.  They were up for anything: skipping, jumping, climbing, eating lollipops and ice cream!  And, to me, the one thing that showed through in everything that they did was how much they all really enjoyed one another.  All four seemed like best friends- how inspiring!"

-Sandra Coan

About Jill: based in Sacramento, CA / website / contact / facebook

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take.

From Cat:

Sandy & Jill said it best: this session is just full of fun! I love the chosen backdrop as well: the architecture is very unique and the colors lent a theme unto themselves. Such a happy, beautiful family, having a grand 'ol time. Every family should have photos of themselves looking this happy!

-Cat Thrasher