Yuna Leonard Photography: Momma, Baby & Sun Play on the Beach

There are no words to express how much I love these photos by Los Angeles photographer Yuna Leonard!  When I look at them I can't tell if I'm wishing that I took them, or wishing that I was in them.  All I know is that they make me feel happy and warm.  Just beautiful! Here is what Yuna has to say about these lovely photos:

"It was such a perfect afternoon on the beach. Tiffany wanted to have a maternity session including her first son Max. She chose the family weekend spot, santa monica beach for the location. I was there to capture their beautiful 'mother and son' relationship, them just hanging out like any other days. Now she has a beautiful baby girl! "

-Sandra Coan

About Yuna: based in Los Angeles, CA / website / contact / facebook / pinterest

Scroll down to the end for Cat’s take

From Cat: 

Is there something more naturally lush than a woman with child, with her child? This mother is deep in the throes of maternity and loving every minute of it in these photos. I can't get over the use of light here: it is a beach scene, but between the reflection off the ocean and the light from the sky, Yuna makes a backdrop out of the sun, and the beach itself is secondary. We still see traces of horizon line and the pattern of the sand, but the real setting is created by the solar rays, bursting behind the little boy as though it was a part of him, or working its way into every curve and turn of their bodies. And how appropriate- the single strongest source of energy on Earth is the sun. It symbolizes life, fertility, and growth. Place an energetic little boy and an expectant mother in the foreground, and you have the perfect portrait of flourishing human life!

- Cat Thrasher