Bellini Portraits: Fun in the Setting Sun, A Portrait of a Little Girl at Play

I live in Seattle where it's cold and rainy until mid July, and then it starts up again in September.  When I take my kids to the beach, they are usually wearing rain boots and Gortex jackets.  So beautiful spring beach photos like these by Stephanie Piscitelli of Bellini Portraits make me a little wistful!  I can almost hear waves rolling in and feel the warm spring air.... just beautiful!!! "My first beach session of the season and what a gorgeous night we had!  I was photographing Oliviah’s little brother who just turned one, and quite literally might be the cutest little thing ever, but I had her step in and do some twirls for me.  She obliged.  Enjoy! xoxo"

-Sandra Coan

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Cat's critique:

The subtle use of color here is just perfect: the cool blue of the fish and the little girl's dress against the warmish light of a beach sunset is just so perfectly stylized. Add to that the little girl's platinum blond hair blowing in the wind at just the right time, and the pictures symbolize the freedom and chaos of childhood, all while capturing her pretty face back-lit by the setting sun. My absolute favorite is the second-to-last shot of her looking right at the camera. I could see that photo becoming iconic in this little girl's life, as she looks back at it as an adult and thinks about how it symbolizes her growing years: a striped dress with ruffled trip, running along the beach with her hair flailing in the wind.

- Cat Thrasher