Jaime Lackey: Clean, Crisp, and Classic - a Newborn and her Mother

I'm a huge fan of Jaime Lackey's work!  She is  a master at capturing emotion and connection.  You can see it in these photos.  Could that mamma be any more in love with that baby?!  Makes me a little misty!

"For me each image has its own voice. Each family has its own story. If I do not feel the image I know mom and dad will not feel it. I try and capture the image that a mom might look back and say, "oh I remember how my heart felt in that moment" I know I have moments like that with my own kids so I want to give that to my own clients.
I am a tried and true cry baby at heart. You cry, I cry. You feel sad, I feel sad. So photography is such an outlet for me to express my moods, my feelings and my love for my family. If I do not do this as a career for the rest of my life I want to at least be able to say that I have the images of my kids for the rest of my life. I am so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to even share a small amount of this with my clients."
To see more of Jamie's gorgeous work, check out her website.  And while you're there, be sure to take a moment to read Maddux's Story, a beautiful and honest look at Jaime's daughter, Maddux, and her remarkable journey through autism.

-Sandra Coan

About Jaime: based in Raleigh, NC / website / contact / facebook

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Cat's critique:

These mother & newborn portraits are clear, crisp, and classic. The emotion that every mothers feels after giving birth is so very intense, and these portraits show the two peacefully enjoying that emotion. I especially love the second-to-last shot of the baby laying back on the mom: we have only a partial view of her face, but she is obviously content sitting there, relaxed and reclined. While at the center of the photo we see a beautifully-lit newborn's face, we are immediately drawn to the mother's calm and happy expression as she looks down upon her little one: it's as though her baby is an extension of her body at that moment. While there are two people in the frame, the photo is, symbolically, a photo of one being: mother & baby.

 -Cat Thrasher