A Quick Note

For many photographers, the idea of using artificial light in the studio recalls the days of department store portraits. These sessions often resulted in overly lit and jarringly sharp photos of forced smiles in front of tacky backdrops.  Not good.

The truth is, studio lighting has gotten a bad rap through the years, especially in the community of film photographers where we are all in love with the soft, luminous images we get when combining film with natural light.

But the reality is that relying on the weather for perfect light is a tricky game. Weather is unpredictable and light is not always available.

I live in Seattle.  We have a lot of rainy, dark days and even in my daylight studio, with its huge windows, there are times when it is too dark to shoot film with natural light.

When I became serious about shooting film, I knew that if I wanted to shoot it all the time I was going to have to learn how to get the same soft, luminous images I get with natural light with strobes.

Learning to create photos this way has changed everything for me.

It truly is the missing link that has allowed me to become a film shooter 100% of the time.

I am now free of worry.

I know that I can achieve my artistic vision whether I'm indoors or out. I no longer feel that I need to be a hybrid shooter or mess around with pushing my film. And most importantly I know that I’m going to give my clients beautiful photos that are consistent with my brand every single time they walk through my door!

I want this for you as well!  And so I've created this workshop!

I'm so excited to begin this journey with you!


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