Sarah Stier: At the Beach

Thrilled to by starting the week off with these classic summertime photos by Sarah Stier of Long Island New York.  Makes me want to go to the beach!  Fun!


From Sarah:

“i took these photos of my girls playing on the beach, we love to go early in the morning before it gets crowded. i wanted to stand back and watch them play and experience the wide open space and the freedom of summer.”

About Sarah, based in New York:  Website  |  Facebook Contact


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Sandra Coan’s Friday Favorites: Neighborhoods

Happy Friday!

Hope you  had a fabulous week!

Next week our theme will be “friends”.  Can’t wait to see your favorite peeps!  To play, just post your image to our Facebook page, sized no smaller that 600 pixels wide!

Have a great weekend!




Vanessa Day Photography


Carmen Doherty Photography



Snappy Apple Photography

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Meghan Boyer: Every Two Weeks

Full disclosure… I adore Meghan Boyer.  Love her.  Love her work.  That’s all.


From Meghan:

“Once every 2 weeks or so, I get my boys up on stools and take their photo against a blank wall in my house. With the promise of lollipops, they sit still for a minute or two at most, but long enough to get a few shots of them individually, and sometimes if I’m lucky, together. They are 2 years apart and the dynamic of brothers is fun. Sometimes frustrating, but definitely fun. I like the simplicity of using a blank wall to remove distractions and only focus on them. And I shoot it on film because it adds to the authenticity. Raw and real. I’ve come to LOVE shooting these guys so much. They feeding my inspiration like nothing else.”

About Meghan, based in Maryland:  Website  |  Facebook  Contact


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Carrie Geddie - I adore these! I think there’s something so important about these simple portraits. And look what personality just shines through! What an amazing legacy these will be for them!

Meghan Boyer - Thank you so much!!! These images are some of my most favorite I’ve ever taken! I am so happy others like them too! :)

zoe - absolutely LOVE this. their faces, the simplicity of the shoot. perfect, meghan!

Emily Jackson, Cat and the Fiddle Photography: A Happy Little Family

There is just nothing better than a newborn baby!


From Emily:

“I loved every single second of this lifestyle newborn session in Washington DC and the resulting pictures take even my breath away.  I loved this shoot.  I loved meeting this beautiful, awesome, fun, happy little family <3 And oh my, their house was so pretty, and the light? A photographer’s dream!

Little Miss L. was a perfect baby for our session.  Even at six weeks old, she was a teeny tiny little thing :) but her sweet temperament radiated out of every pore.  I got more smiles from this little lady than any other newborn, ever! I loved that the clients requested all lifestyle images for their session, it made the whole thing very laid back.  Mom and dad have an amazing sense of style, and it was a blast to incorporate their beautiful decor with their beautiful newborn.

Equipment: Canon 5dMKiii and Canon 35L f/1.4″

About Emily: based in Maryland   / website / contact / facebook


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