Christina Mallet’s These Photos Make Me Think This…

Hello and happy Thursday to you and yours!

Here’s a pick of my favorites from the #littlebellows Instagram feed and my thoughts.

Congratulations to the featured photographers!







Oh my word.

I can’t not remember a real film double exposure I have loved more.

Serious props to jackiephoto for this stunning image.

I loved the Walt Whitman quote she chose for this image:

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”



I love this composition and the color.

The way it’s made makes these kids seem tiny.

However, their large personalities abound.



Hello Mermaid!

And what a perfect little Mermaid she is.



This is a rock star selfie.

Only, when I say rock star I really mean photographer.

There’s so much cool going on here.

Contrast, shadow, light, graphics, composition, etc. etc.!



I’m obsessed with the painting Christina’s World.

This photo reminds me of that painting.

Leahk8donaldson knocks it out of the park, again!

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Filipe & Vera of Five Photography: Sunflowers and Sunshine

I’ve been spending the last few weeks preparing for my Click Away San Antonio adventures.  I’ll be teaching two classes at the conference; one on shooting film with studio lights, and the other on shooting film in the Golden Hour.  It was such a funny coincidence that as I was working on my Golden Hour class, these photos popped up in my inbox.

Five Photography did such an amazing job capture that golden hour light.  Just stunning!  And can that little girl be any cuter?  Love this!

All images were captured on a Mamiya RZ67 and a Mamiya 645 Pro TL with Portra 160 and 400.  Processed and scanned by Carmencita Film Lab.

See more work by Five Photography: Website | Facebook | Instagram

Five Photography-06


Five Photography-03Five Photography-04Five Photography-09Five Photography-02

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Jenny McCann: Family on Film

I’m thrilled to be sharing this adorable family session by Dallas photographer Jenny McCann.  That little baby is just too cute for words!!

Jenny shot these images with  a Contax w/ 80mm lens and aNikon F100 and 50mm lens.  The film stock was Portra 800, Fuji 400H, ilford 3200 and kodak tri-x 400.   All images were processed and scanned PPI.

To see more of Jenny’s beautiful work, follow these links (you’ll be glad you did): Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Jenny McCann - Such an honor to be featured on your beautiful blog. Thank you Little Bellows.

The Art of Seeing Light

“Meter for the shadows” is all you hear when you first start your film journey.  Or, how about “I just overexpose the heck out of it”.

What does these really mean?

Do you really apply the same formula across the board, no matter the film stock, light or your vision?

©Joyce C. Kang-000062350009001

Photography is about light.

But, light can be very tricky.

More often than not, we don’t “see” but only “perceive” the actual light.

Here is where I’ll drop the bomb:  Overexposure is not “one size fits all” way to shoot film.  Yes, of course it will work under the optimal-open-shade-of-the-amazing-California-sun weather.  But let’s face the reality here, not all of us have beautiful weather all the time.  So, what do we do?

©Joyce C. Kang-000062350002001

One of the exercises we do in Embrace The Grain workshop is to learn how to really “see” light and how light transforms different tonalities and affect everything in our surroundings.  When you starting to understand how to see light in different lighting situations, you will truly understand the power of how you can actually manipulate these tonalities to fit your shooting style and vision.   Next time when you meet up a friend to have a cup of coffee, leave your film camera at home and take only your handheld meter with you. Try metering lights in different scenarios and see if you can guess what the meter reading will actually be.

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Christina Mallet’s These Photos Make Me Think This…

Hiya Everybody!

Thanks for checking in here to see some captivating and creative images from my scouring of the #littlebellows Instagram feed!

I’ve waxed a lot of sentimental down below and I’m also put in some links to music that the images remind me of.

Also, there are two ladies featured today, long-time contributors to the #littlebellows feed, that I interviewed and featured way back when I started  writing here.

Their work continuously resonates with me and I’m sure it will for you too–they are Kirsty Larmour and Leah Donaldson.

Congrats to all the featured photographers!

Have a great rest of the week!





Every time I see this boy’s face my eyes widen.

He is quite possibly the most beautiful lad I have ever seen.

That, and his mom is a rock star photog who makes poetic portraits.



I chuckled.

Somebody put them up to this or they are just having a really bad day.

Either way I love this photo.

It could be a postcard.

How would you caption it?IMG_0372


Here are some seriously good genes and a really beautiful portrait.

I love the pose and the calm in their eyes.



Baby blossom.

Sandy shot this blind folded and with her hands tied behind her back, because she really is that good.

Kidding, but really, how perfect is this?IMG_0374


Yes! The Tutu project is one of my all time favorite series!

If you are wondering what I’m talking about check out the feed of Ms. Leahk8donaldson.

Also, I featured her long ago here, which gives you some insight into her tutu project.IMG_0375


Pretty grassy posy and a beautiful image.

I love the clever use of low contrast in black and whites.

It’s softer and gentler.IMG_0377


What is she dancing to? I wonder.

I love the turn of her ankle and the twirl of her dress.

It’s timeless but I keep hearing 1950s music so maybe it is of an era.

Love the off center of her.IMG_0378


I keep hearing music in my head today and this one makes me think of bag pipes.

I can also smell the briny sea air and I feel a little bit cold.

I love the top third horizon line and that the gal is below it.


I don’t know where this or what is going on here but I love the mystery.

I have music on my mind so here I am hearing the Twin Peaks theme song.

Anyway, I like this image, it’s haunting.



And this image needs this song, which I’m slightly obsessed with lately.

I love the dark enveloping her, yet she is so light.

Is she inviting us in?

This could be an album cover.



This is one of those images that I think would look so cool as a collage with one of the black and white photos above.

There’s a lot of chaos here and a mix of lines and movement and I’m drawn to it.



Kirsty Larmour is the bravest most adventurous person I have never met, but want to.

Her images are magical and day dream invoking–this one is all that.

A while back I did an interview of Kirsty–the photos she submitted for that feature are forever etched in my mind–I hope you’ll check that feature out here.


This image is just about everything.

It is stunningly beautiful.

I can’t stop looking at it and I also can’t stop thinking about it.

It can mean so many things–all of them beautiful and some of them sad, but forever human.

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Sandra Coan - Great selection today! Thank you so much for the feature! You rock!!

Kirsty - Oh thank you! Yet again! And somehow we have to find a way to meet! What a beautiful week

Catherine Lacey Dodd - Thank you so much Christina for the feature. One to shake the post Paris holiday blues today!