Christina Mallet’s These Photos Make Me Think This…

Happy The Best of #littlebellows on Instagram Day!

Congrats to the featured photographers– be sure to check out their feeds linked with their images.

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Warm colors here, there, and all round + red hair and freckles= masterpiece.

Her hair is like underwater mermaid hair.




Meet young Princess Grace.

Not really but she sure does look like her.

I love the crispness of the black and white and the timelessness of this pose.

The sparkled cheek ads a cool modernity to it.



Disappointed? Annoyed? Deep in Thought?

I don’t know but I love this slightly funny serious portrait.



What fantastically cute Earthlings here.

Big eyes for days.

Siblings foreva.



I love her expression, the camera angle/perspective and the colors.

So much punch!


So So So Pretty!

An amazing bit of light, film, and simple beauty makes beauty.



Sandra Coan is a baby whisperer.

She rocks the newbies like no other.



I will not rest on Kirsty Larmours family travels until she is home and unpacked.

Her travels around the world fill me with awe.

And, they are pretty and I love how she juxtaposes her daughters against the interesting architecture and landscapes of the worlds they are seeing.



I love this image.

It’s quirky and a little bit dead pan.

The fact that they have this amazing view and they are all squished in together with their back to the view is funny.

I also love the light here–it almost looks like images were stitched together.

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Sandra Coan - Once again, an amazing collection of images! Thank you so much for including one of mine! Seeing it on the post made my day. :)

Kelsea - I always enjoy following your weekly post and the thoughts behind them. Thank you so much for including my work in this one! :) xo

The New Normal

My transition back into film was not a smooth one.

My first hurdle was figuring out indoor light, and how to make shooting film in studio work for me, even in the dark Seattle winter.  In the end, learning how to use studio strobes was a life saver, and with no more fear of inadequate light, my problem was solved.

The second hurdle, however, was much harder.

When I was shooting digitally, my sessions were fast and fun.  I could fire away without care and never felt that I was missing a moment. It was not unheard of for me to complete a family session in 20 to 30 minutes.  And in the end I would have 500+ images to cull and edit.

The slowness of shooting film, however, was another story.  My sessions no longer had a comfortable flow.  Sessions started taking longer; up to an hour, sometimes even a little more. I was constantly worried that I was missing moments.   It also stressed me out that after an hour of shooting, I was walking away with only 64 images (four rolls of 120) to choose from.  I went from giving my clients 100 or so images per shoot to 30 or 40.

But I stuck with it.  I love the look of film, and I really didn’t want to go back to my digital gear.

Then, just a few weeks ago, I had a super fun session with a six year old, and four year old twins.  I did my thing… pausing to talk to the parents and kids when I stopped to change rolls, and taking my time, slowly progressing through the shoot as I do now with film.

At the end of the session the mom turned to me and said “thank you!  that was so fun and relaxing!  I can’t wait to do it again”  I smiled and thought… “OMG… It WAS fun and relaxing… when did that happen?”  And just like that I realized that I’d fallen into a new normal.

My new normal is slow.  There are pauses and down times in the sessions.  I don’t rush to make sure I’m catching every. single. adorable. moment.  Instead I’m trusting that when I choose to hit the shutter, something special and beautiful is going to be captured.  I’ve given into the process… and I love it!

Are you struggling with transitioning to film?  What are your hurdles?  Do you have a new normal?  I’d love to hear about it!  Post your comment in the space below, or join us on the Facebook Film Forum group!

Happy shooting!


Sandra Coan Photographysandra coan photographysandra coan photographysandra coan photography

All images by Sandra Coan.  Shot on a Contax 645 with Fuji 400h and strobes.  

Processed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab. 

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Lauren Demby - I totally can relate to this! I just had a family session over the weekend and shot one roll of film, the rest digital. I was firing away with my digital camera and as soon as I pulled out the film camera, it felt like I was missing out on the moments I could have caught otherwise. This is something I definitely need to work on! Thank you for sharing!!

Sandra Coan - Just stick with it Lauren! Eventually the flow of shooting with film will be comfortable!! I promise!

Lauren Demby - Thank you, Sandra!! You continue to inspire me every day!!

Sandra Coan - Thank you Lauren! :)

Christina Mallet’s: These Photos Make Me Think This…

Hello and Happy Instagram picks of the week day!
Also, today is the day where I wax not so poetically on what drew me to select the images you see below.

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Kirsty’s images of her travels are gorgeous, no doubt.

It’s also no secret that I think this a lot because I feature her work a lot and honestly, for the few consecutive weeks I’ve posted her photos.

I don’t usually do that, but her images are so pretty and serve a great PSA to get out there and see your world (your backyard counts).



I love the depth here.

There’s something in the fore, mid and background, which makes for a dynamic viewing experience.

Also, the lights and the darks are so crisp and contrasty.

Much like.



This is one cool cat!

I can imagine Pharrel had a photo like this taken of him when he was a young lad.

Gorgeous exposure and a bit of whimsy, with a very pensive face=WIN.




This is really beautiful.

I’m not sure what I like the best here, because I like it all.

The soft side light (a window?), the beautiful face, the fabric, the placement of said fabric.

Le sigh.

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Fuji400h and Portra 400: A Comparison

What I love about shooting film is that each film stock has it’s own personality; a unique way of seeing light and interpreting color.

When you know your stocks, you can make choices on what to shoot to achieve your style and vision.

It’s like choosing to paint with oils or water colors!  So cool!

Today I’m talking about two of my favorite films, Fuji 400h and Portra 400.

As you can see from the examples below, both film stocks have an amazing range.  The difference is in tone.


Here they are in real life…

Sandra Coan on Fuji 400h

Fuji 400h, Contax 645


 Portra 400, Contax 645

(images courtesy of Sandra Coan Photography)

As always, I’d love to hear from you.  Leave your comments or questions in the comment space below, or on out Facebook page.  And don’t forget to sign up for out newsletter!!


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Tom Sebastiano - Thanks for your peice it’s fascinating to see. I love both these films every time I shoot Portra 400 I think it just the best, that is until I shot a 400H and then that is the best and so on and so forth. I love them both I guess.

Wynona - Those Portra 400 <3 I am a fan!