Aria Bethards : A Light-filled Lifestyle Session

What a lovely light-filled session!  Just beautiful!


From Aria:

“I recently photographed my friend, Kirstin, in her home as she and her husband and daughter welcomed their new baby boy into their family. Their home is filled with light and creativity and their sweet interactions made my heart melt.”

About Aria, based in Utah :  Website  |  Facebook  Contact



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Chelsea Higgins - Lovely photos, beautiful family… and I adore that headboard!

Kel Ward: Two Boys

As the mother of two boys, I have to say, these beautiful photos by Kel Ward move me.  All too often we see photos of girls of all ages: little babies, toddlers in tutus, young girls in pretty gowns, etc, etc… but for some reason as soon as our boys grown beyond their super hero cape wearing phase, we stop seeing photos of them.  I’m not sure why that is, but I do know that when I look at these images I see my own boys, who at almost eight, are still sweet and snugly, but are also turning into little men.  I think Kel captured both aspect of “boyness” beautifully!  Thank you Kel!


About Kel, based in Oregon :  Website  |  Facebook  Contact




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Nicole - I love these pictures!

Nancy - As a mom of 3 boys…these make my heart sing!! Love Kel & her work! Beautiful!

Kathleen Weibel - Awwww, that so true about not seeing boys photographed. Love the photos Kel! I always love your compelling b&ws.

Kristin - These are wonderful portraits of boys! I have 2 boys myself and I love all the stages of boy photos….from superhero to young men. Great work Kel!

Laura Morita-Yeun - Love these! Kel, you are so talented and your boys are gorgeous!

Carrie Geddie - Awesome Kel!!

KaMarlowete - I concur entirely! I have 2 children, a boy and a girl. I love to see pictures of boys, because I see my son’s big personality right there with them. Maybe I’m tired and emotional, but the pic of the two brothers hugging made me cry.

Kel Ward - Thank you SO much for sharing my images!! Sadly, my youngest son wasn’t home when we did this impromptu shoot. I really don’t get these guys in front of the camera much anymore, now that they’re older and I’m so glad that I did!

Kate, I’m pretty sure you just cried because you know these boys and have watched them grow up.

Tara Haney - What beautiful images. I can never get my own child to let me take a beautiful picture like these.

Nicole Spangler - I love these black and white images!

Meghan Boyer: Beautiful Baby Boy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nothing I love more than a simple studio portrait session!  It’s my favorite thing, and these photos by the lovely and talented Meghan Boyer just rock!  Beautiful work Meghan (as always!)


From Meghan:

“This is a 4 month old studio session on film. My best friend was about to go back to work and I wanted to get some shots of her and her baby boy before she did. They came in the studio for 20 minutes before he got cranky and we got some shots that really show his personality! You really don’t need much more time than that, I’m always amazed.

All with the Contax on Portra 400.”
About Meghan, based in Maryland:  Website  |  Facebook  Contact
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Meghan Boyer - Thank you so much for sharing these!!

Lisa O'Dwyer - Cute! What a sweetheart!

Bunn Salarzon - Oh, his feet! <3

Trish Barker Photography - What a cutie pie! I love the classic backgrounds and the overalls. Perfection!

Rachel May - Oh my word, Meghan this is just perfect!!

jody savage - what a perfect little session and adorable little man!!!

wendy laurel - love those shots in the yellow chair!

christina - sweet boy!!!

Sera Petras - So stinkin’ cute! What a sweet session!

Sandra Coan’s Friday Favorties: Black and White

So, I do a Black and White theme a couple of times every year, and I have to say, it’s always one of my favorites!  There is something about Black and White work that just does it for me. :)

Next week my kids are on Spring Break!  Woohoo!  My goal is to go on some kind of adventure with them!  And so, I’ll be taking the week off!  I’ll be returning on Monday April 21st, and our theme for that week will be “Adventure”! Can’t wait!



Amanda O’Donoughue Photography




Karen Jacot Photography


Belinda Fontes Photography


Essential Life Photography


The Photo Boothe


Summer Lee Photography




Emily Mccann Photography

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Stacie - A great collection! I particularly love the one by Summer Lee!

Michelle Boothe - These are all so beautiful! Thank you so much for the feature!

Christina Mallet on Instagram: All the Way From Cape Town

Hello! From Cape Town, in the southern hemisphere, where it’s autumn! This post from a far is a ‘trial run’ of sorts, and trial runs are never 100% even if intentions are.

Hotel WiFi, like hotel WiFi everywhere on Earth, is less than stellar and so dear Little Bellow-ina-tress herself, one Sandra Coan, is cutting and pasting this post for me because my hotel Internets are broken.

Any who, being away from all things fast WiFi means I have exceeded the max on my newly acquired International phone plan and so this means that all y’alls talents, efforts, hashtags, black-and-whites, color, and beautiful moments shine more than usual.

I have yet to move to South Africa, but when I do, I know I will be so very glad to have this opportunity to share your images with the world and further the cause of family portraiture and photography as art, as was the initial, and continuing mission, of Little Bellows founders, and my friends everlasting, Sandra Coan and Cat Thrasher.

And, before I diminish the oxygen of this post byway of blather, I would like to congratulate the photographers I’ve selected for their stellar images.


























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