Sandra Coan’s Friday Favorties: Black and White

So, I do a Black and White theme a couple of times every year, and I have to say, it’s always one of my favorites!  There is something about Black and White work that just does it for me. :)

Next week my kids are on Spring Break!  Woohoo!  My goal is to go on some kind of adventure with them!  And so, I’ll be taking the week off!  I’ll be returning on Monday April 21st, and our theme for that week will be “Adventure”! Can’t wait!



Amanda O’Donoughue Photography




Karen Jacot Photography


Belinda Fontes Photography


Essential Life Photography


The Photo Boothe


Summer Lee Photography




Emily Mccann Photography

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Stacie - A great collection! I particularly love the one by Summer Lee!

Michelle Boothe - These are all so beautiful! Thank you so much for the feature!

Christina Mallet on Instagram: All the Way From Cape Town

Hello! From Cape Town, in the southern hemisphere, where it’s autumn! This post from a far is a ‘trial run’ of sorts, and trial runs are never 100% even if intentions are.

Hotel WiFi, like hotel WiFi everywhere on Earth, is less than stellar and so dear Little Bellow-ina-tress herself, one Sandra Coan, is cutting and pasting this post for me because my hotel Internets are broken.

Any who, being away from all things fast WiFi means I have exceeded the max on my newly acquired International phone plan and so this means that all y’alls talents, efforts, hashtags, black-and-whites, color, and beautiful moments shine more than usual.

I have yet to move to South Africa, but when I do, I know I will be so very glad to have this opportunity to share your images with the world and further the cause of family portraiture and photography as art, as was the initial, and continuing mission, of Little Bellows founders, and my friends everlasting, Sandra Coan and Cat Thrasher.

And, before I diminish the oxygen of this post byway of blather, I would like to congratulate the photographers I’ve selected for their stellar images.


























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Susannah Gill: Baby Leo

What a lovely family session!  That black and white photo of baby Leo and his mom just slays me!  So beautiful!


From Susannah:

“10 days after photographing the home birth of baby Leo, it was wonderful to meet up with this this adorable family again to photograph Baby Leo’s newborn session. Leo’s Mama, an interior decorator that uses mostly collected or self made items in her work, created such a unique nursery for Leo to grow in. Leo’s Dad, a tattoo artist, has tattoos which created such an interesting juxtaposition when he held the baby in this arms. And of course, Stinky and Chino, the families rescue doggies were already wonderful and protective siblings, especially when Mama was nursing Baby Leo!”

About Susannah, based in the California:  Website  |  Facebook  | Contact



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Susannah Gill - Thank you so much Little Bellows for featuring this incredible family on your amazing blog! Such an honor!!

Published by Little Bellows » Susannah Gill-Photographic Storytelling Blog - […] like waking up to an email telling you your work will be published!  Little Bellows is a photography blog that I have turned to for years for inspiration!  It was such an honor […]

Kel Ward - Oh my gosh, I love these photos SO much! I love the nursery, the way the parents are looking at the baby, and that last shot is to die for!

Linnae Harris - There are certain elements that a non-photographer may not really notice and appreciate….small details like in the first image, we can see dad’s reflection in the mirror.And the dogs are amazingly posed in every single shot. I can’t tell you how many shot I had to delete because I got a huge dog butt as the unintended focal point. Love, love the last image with dad’s tattoos enveloping baby.Super sweet photos. Out standing job.

Molly Matcham: A Stylish Newborn Session

Oh how I love these colorful and fun family photos by UK photographer, Molly Matcham!  Maybe it’s that adorable baby, or the cutie-cute little girl, or maybe it’s the mom and dad’s rockin’ style… I’m honestly not sure, all I know is that I keep coming back to these to look them over.  Really fantastic!

-Sandra Coan

About Molly, based in the United Kingdom:  Website  |  Facebook  | Instagram Contact



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Isabelle - Adore Molly’s family work, this session no exception. Love the mood and the spunk, great one!

Erica Ward - I love these so much! Molly you have captured the soul of this family in a very beautiful way xx

Siegrid - I love these. The mood, the styling, the whole family is so adorable and cool. And Molly’s work always is incredible! <3

David Jenkins - This is exactly how I’d like to be shot with my family. Molly is top, top draw.

Kel Ward - LOVE!

BluElla Photography: A Beautiful Beach Maternity Session

Thrilled to by starting the week off with this beautiful breezy maternity session by Joanna Clark of Blu Ella Photography.  So, so beautiful!

From Joanna:

“There is nothing more exciting than the weeks leading up to the arrival of your first baby. How lucky am I to get to photograph such a magical time? How much more lucky am I to be able to do this for one of our dearest friends? I get to watch that little mystery lump grow up. I get to snuggle him or her and watch our friends make their way through the ever crazy but rewarding journey of parenthood.”

About BluElla Photography, based in California:  Website  |  Facebook  Contact




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celeste jones - What a beautiful maternity session. I love Jo’s work. <3

Heather Stockett - These are so gorgeous and what lovely tones. I just love her work!

Sash Holloway - Always beautiful. I always love looking at your work and awesome feature.

Danielle - I just love Jo’s work. This session is no exception. Just beautiful!

Corinne - Jo you’re the best! I adore this session <3

Rachel Nielsen - These are gorgeous!! What a beautiful session – everything about it is stunning!

Mikki - Such a beautiful session. Always love seeing Jo’s work!

Lucy - Gorgeous work!! The reflection shot is amaIng!

Carrie Geddie - Just gorgeous!!

KatieW - These are so so so beautiful and peaceful. She will cherish them forever!!!!!

celeste pavlik - these are gorgeous Jo! what a beautiful setting and mama to be!